20X20 Trade Show Display Rentals

We offer 20x20 exhibit rentals that can be customized to your needs.  View our booth gallery below and take ideas from different exhibits to create a design that will best fit your branding and overall company image. After you scroll through all of the great options below to get a better idea of exactly what you're looking for in your next trade show booth, reach out to our team to get a free design rendering and quote of your own.  Don't forget -- we provide our rental exhibits in Orlando and all around the US.

20x20 1A

This 20x20 exhibit offers an immense amount of features. With its layout including a single central pillar composed of a customized panel wall and stem lighting. Additionally, the exhibit has customized flooring options and dual monitors facing both directions. 

20x20 1B

With this 20x20 exhibit layout your sure to draw in customers from afar. This is due to the centralized tri-panel wall, hanging sign and multiple reception areas. Furthermore, this exhibit offers a duel seating area. Overall, great use of a 20x20 spacing.

20x20 1C

The next 20x20 exhibit offers uniquely customized features. Within this 20x20 exhibit, a circular reception area is located towards the front of the exhibit. Additionally, this exhibit offers multiple meeting spaces and an open based layout.  

20x20 2A

As a 20x20 exhibit, this example contains all elements. From the frontal reception counters, rear display boxes, and enclosed shelving section. The exhibit also includes a circular hanging sign. Finally, the exhibit offers duel glass display cases for products. 

20x20 2B

With a more industrial approach, this next 20x20 exhibit encapsulates the industrial vibe. From a display cased archway located overtop and hardwood flooring. Additionally, this 20x20 also includes multiple meeting spaces and a storage area in the rear. Finally, this exhibit includes multiple display cases for your product.  

20x20 2C

The next exhibit plays a heavy focus on open spacing. This layout features duel pillars in the front, along with a custom panel wall. Furthermore, the exhibit offers an open spacing option in the middle and ample meeting/seating spaces. 

20x20 3A

This next 20x20 exhibit offers a large customize archway with product shelving located below. Additionally, the exhibit places two monitors above the shelving to display products. Lastly, the exhibit uses a full hardwood flooring and open spacing. 

20x20 3B

With a walkthrough art gallery feel to it, the next exhibit plays off a complex layout. This exhibit includes duel high walls located on either side, highlighted by stem lighting. Lastly, the exhibit also offers frontal reception area and a large rear pillar that doubles as storage.

20x20 3C

When looking for an example of an industrial 20x20 layout look no further. With its metal framing, puck lighting, and four customized panel walls. This exhibit is sure to catch the eyes of some. Finally, the exhibit offers interior monitors, meeting spaces and reception areas. 

20x20 4A

The next 20x20 exhibit layout provides a ton of customized attributes. This layout features a rear panel based tower, overhangs, and countertops. Furthermore, the exhibit also provides an enclosed back room and frontal reception area. Overall, providing a unique exhibit layout. 

20x20 4B

The next 20x20 example is great for a meeting space and client relation option. This layout includes multiple seating options and couches. Finally,  the exhibit offers large dual graphics panel towers.  

20x20 4C

 This next exhibits layout provides a ton of client and informational features. It includes two interactive sitdown kiosk and dual HD monitors. Lastly, this exhibit also includes a large circular hanging sign and meeting spaces for clients. 

20x20 5A

When looking for a prime example of an industrial exhibit look no further. From its metal framing options and multiple metal signage located within the exhibit. Furthermore, this exhibit offers a circular hanging sign and multiple meeting spaces. 

20x20 5B

This exhibit is a great example of a custom service layout. With a massive front desk area and back wall HD monitor. This exhibit also includes a large panel wall with stem lighting to highlight the exhibit.

20x20 5C

With this next exhibit, the archways really help to catch a clients eye. For this 20x20 exhibit, a reception area and product stand are seen in this layout. Lastly, the exhibit includes a large seamless fabric backdrop for a nice finish. 

20x20 6A

With this next layout, the focus was on an industrial design. With ample metal framing outlining the exhibit and four monitors this exhibit is a great example of a 20x20. Additionally, the exhibit offers interior meeting space and four exterior pedestals. 

20x20 6B

For the next exhibit, the 20x20 has many elements of a pharmaceutical design. With a large centralized pillar incorporating custom signage and multiple meeting spaces. Lastly, the exhibit includes some flowers to provide a natural landscape. 

20x20 6C

The next exhibit layout is great for an archway and a modern example. With a high ceiling archway and large stem lighting, this 20x20 can be seen from afar. This exhibit also includes duel outfacing monitors and a small reception area. In conclusion, the exhibit includes a seating area for client meetings.  

20x20 7A

This next 20x20 exhibit offers customized shelving unit and a large mix of arrangements. From a frontal reception area and customized signage options. Furthermore, this exhibit offers storage options in the central areas. 

20x20 7B

With this 20x20 exhibit, the design focuses on a customized panel graphic system. From an enclosed meeting space and duel seating areas located in the central exhibit. This exhibit also includes a large hanging sign located above. 

20x20 7C

For this next booth, the focus is on an industrially large look. With high metal framing and a large circular radius around the center. This 20x20 also includes a centralized meeting space in the middle and four outer facing monitors. 

20x20 8A

With this exhibit, the main driver is on an industrial layout. The metal framing and wrap around sign help make this 20x20 a standout from the rest. The additional stem lighting around the exhibit and meeting space area help to highlight this 20x20. 

20x20 8B

For this next exhibit, the position is ideal for an in row exhibit space. With the front side open and large reception area. This exhibit allows the customer to have a clear entrance and center point. The exhibit also includes three HD monitors and multi panel wall background. 

20x20 8C

This next exhibit offers both storage and spacing. For a 20x20 the large hanging sign and high walls help draw people in. Finally, the clean look of the exhibit helps to keep things organized. 

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