30 - 100 ft Trade Show Display Rentals

The exhibits we produce in Orlando are extremely customizable and are flexible to best meet your needs.  View some of the booth examples below and keep in mind that you can mix and match different features to create a design that conveys your image best.  After you are done browsing through the numerous options below, reach out to our team for more information, a pricing quote, and a free design rendering!  Don't forget, at Orlando Exhibit Rentals, we provide our booths and services in Orlando and all around the US.

50x50 1A

Celgene 50x50 is a very complex way to build a creative exhibit. With park benches, street lamps, and fountain located within the exhibit. Furthermore, the interior includes shelving, meeting spaces, large circular signage, and storage. 

60x60 1B

This IGT 50x50 exhibit is highly customized from others. With massive circular signage enveloping the interior. The exhibit also includes multiple interactive monitors and Ipads. Additional shelving can be seen on the exterior areas. 

30x60 1C

The Sofidel 30x50 exhibit is perfect for large shows. With multiple columns and shelving options. The exhibit also includes a hanging sign and multi-layered panel system. Overall, the exhibit boasts a strong standing booth. 

30x40 2A

The 30x40 Library Ideas booth is unlike any other. Two large towering panel structures feature a curved arch with colorful graphics and branding. In addition, various seating areas with couches make this space inviting for passersby. Interactive kiosks with digital monitors and seating also enhance the experience for potential clients.

30x50 2B

The 30x50 Philippines Tourism booth is a larger design that has many different elements included.  First, it features many vibrant and colorful graphics panels and structures. In addition, multiple digital monitors, counters, and seating areas create an inviting environment. 

30x40 2C

The 30x40 Van Dam trade show booth offers great features.  This larger exhibit includes a large square hanging sign and custom graphic panel structures.  An added seating area creates an inviting environment. Finally, a large display monitor brings a modern flair to your brand.

20x40 3A

Add a modern and industrial theme to your exhibit with the GAT 20x40.  This display features a combination of custom panel graphics and metal framing system.  Stem lights aluminate graphics, and various seating options, counters, and a large monitor complete this large booth.

30x50 3B

This 30x50 Arrowpak display features a one-of-a-kind design for an exhibit. With multiple structured pillars for a company's product. Additional custom glass display cases and several seating options increase the quality of your image.  Also, the back of the booth features an additional storage area that can also double as private meeting space.

20x40 3C

The Suttonfern 20x40 exhibit has a simple design but offers something different. It features a large, towering red central panel display with built-in shelving on 3 sides. With a semi-private meeting area and table area including chairs.  This island layout also has four reception counters, one on each corner. 

20x40 4A

This 20x40 XStream exhibit is a massive island rental booth designs. A center panel wall features two HD digital monitors on each side. Additional stem lighting illuminates vibrant graphics.  The center-wall also doubles as a storage area. In addition, a seating area in one corner with couches makes completes the overall atmosphere of this booth.

20x40 4B

This 20x40 Sun Edison booth features multiple hanging signs and metal framing for a unique look. Throughout this exhibit, customers can interact with different HD kiosks. In addition, the back of the booth has a semi-private meeting area.

20x40 4C

This 20x40 WAI Global booth is a larger exhibit that features many necessary rental elements. A graphic panel back wall helps to hides a private meeting room that includes a conference table and chairs. Additional seating areas are spread amongst the front of the booth. Furthermore,  various counters with shelving display attached.

30x50 5A

The 30x50 Kids Preferred exhibit is perfect for larger, retail/kids equipment trade shows.  Semi-enclosed with multi-layer graphic panels. The interior also features slat walls to hang the product on. Furthermore, there are two enclosed meeting areas and various seating options throughout.  A center reception counter with your company's logo will draw in passersby.

30x50 5B

The 30x50 Spinmaster exhibit is a large industrial trade show booth that includes many different elements of exhibits. With a panel-based exterior wall and enclosed inline display. Additionally, the exhibit features multiple meeting areas and large-scale circular signage. Overall, this exhibit will make your brand stand out amongst the competition.

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