20x30 Trade Show Display Rentals

Each 20x30 exhibit rental exhibit design we produce is extremely flexible and can be customized to your liking.  Check out some of our exciting examples below and combine various different features to create an idea that will work best for your brand and overall image. Browse through these numerous options and find exactly what you're looking for, then reach out to our team to get a free design rendering of your own.  We provide our rental exhibits in Orlando and all around the US.


20x30 1A

This 20x30 Terramar rental exhibit is a modern and creative design.  Featuring a unique lounge area in the center of the booth, it also has various other elements such as fixtures for displaying products, reception counters, and eye-catching graphic panels.  A square hanging sign floats over the booth to complete the company's imagery.

20x30 1B

Stand out amongst the competition at your next trade show or event with this 20x30 RBH island booth.  Each corner of the booth features counters stools where customers can interact with digital monitors. Curved pillar panels create the structure for this rental, and a large hanging sign completes the design.

20x30 1C

This 20x30 tradeshow exhibit rental, Turkish Airlines, is a booth with a large island layout. The large graphic panel display is enhanced and illuminated by stem lighting. Two curved reception counters and various seating areas create a warm environment for show attendees. Complete with a large, circular hanging sign for a finished product.

20x30 2A

Represent your brand in a simple and clean way at your next event with a booth like this 20x30 Devenish rental exhibit. It features multiple seating areas and a reception counter to attract potential customers while a graphic back wall panel brings the whole display and design together for a polished finished product.

20x30 2B

Stand out from competitors with the 20x40 Megabass rental booth.  This exhibit features a double pillar design with various product display cases.  Also, a large circular hanging sign hovers above the entire booth to enhance the image of your brand.

20x30 2C

The 20x30 Service Titan island rental exhibit features all of the unique elements that your next trade show booth should include. An overarching bridge panel features large graphics to draw more attention to this display. It also features semi-private meeting tables in the back of the both for customer meetings, as well as various monitors and couches in the front.

20x30 3A

If you want a booth that includes all of the elements for a successful trade show exhibit, then this 20x30 Ali Fax is the perfect design. The rental features a large hanging sign, curved reception counter, and two digital monitors that will ensure that your message and branding stands out amongst tough competition at your show.

20x30 3B

The 20x30 Inert booth incorporates all of the amazing features of rental while still having elements that can be customized to your brand and image.  Slat wall shelving units have lighting to display your product in the best way. The booth has a more customized look due to graphic panels, including a curved panel attached to a tall pillar. A front, L-shaped reception desk, as well as several monitors, make this display even more inviting to passersby.

20x30 3C

If you are looking for a booth with a more closed layout, consider the 20x30 Memorial City rental exhibit. It's a unique booth that features two separate areas that can be used as private meeting rooms or for storage in the back. In the front of this exhibit, you'll find the main reception desk as well as two lounge areas where clients can sit while they wait for one-on-one time with your company's representatives.

20x30 4A

If you have an end-inline or a corner booth space reserved for your next trade show, consider the Google 20x30 rental exhibit. This display also features stem lighting that amplifies your booth and includes several monitors that bring a modern and digital vibrance that potential clients will love.

20x30 4B

This Asmodee 20x30 rental exhibit features all the things you need to have a successful trade show booth. The display features a large circular hanging sign that hovers over the booth.  It also includes several counters with stools, a center curved reception desk, digital monitors, and a private, enclosed meeting space.

20x30 4C

Attract dozens of show attendees and potential customers with the open island layout of the 20x30 Colombina exhibit. This booth features an overall industrial design that includes a large hanging sign above. Stem lighting on the back wall and various product fixtures light up your products and offerings to draw in more potential customers and passersby.

20x30 5A

The Spreengs 20x30 rental exhibit offers a sleek design and is an ideal booth for an island exhibit layout. Double side pillars and a bridge overlay compliment a large hanging sign above this display portrays your brand's logo. Additionally, each corner of the exhibit features reception counters to maximize the interaction with potential clients and attendees.

20x30 5B

This 20x30 Konami exhibit features vibrant graphics on panels that are sure to leave a mark on potential clients and show attendees.  This booth also has two rooms in the back that can serve as additional storage or as a private meeting area.

20x30 5C

Portray your company's image in a sleek and modern way with a booth like the 20x30 AIT rental.  This exhibit is sure to catch the eyes of competitors and show attendees alike.  It features multiple desks along the front corners of the layout as well as a large, circular hanging sign above the exhibit.

20x30 6A

If you are looking for a more industrial design, then this 20x30 INS Zoom exhibit a perfect booth for your company. It features metal framing throughout, as well as multiple stools and chairs to keep potential customers comfortable. Add digital monitors to better display product or company information.

20x30 6B

Blow your competitors out of the water with this unique 20x30 LabLabo rental booth. Two display cases in the front include backlighting that will enhance the products or services that you have to offer. Additionally, this booth features stem lighting throughout and two small meeting tables that allow you to meet and communicate with potential clients.

20x30 6C

If you are looking for a great island exhibit for your next trade show or event, consider the Adoramapix 20x30 rental booth. This design features multiple reception counters that allow you to better interact with potential clients and show attendees. The graphic panels also include multiple shelving units to display product with stem lighting above to draw attention.

20x30 7A

WOW the competition with a booth design like none other...choose the RPE 20x30 rental exhibit. It features triple pillars which set the stage for your brand's image and message. Additionally, this booth features a private meeting area in the back and a lounge area where clients can sit and relax while visiting your space.

20x30 7B

Achieve the industrial look with metal framing that is a part of the 20x30 Thermphos exhibit design.  This booth features a central meeting table as well as multiple counters located on each corner of this island layout.

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